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Brainiacs the Gameshow  Time Warp the Gameshow

"Brainiacs" The Game Show is offered on projected game boards, a Jeopardy Style games and Family Feud Style games.

"Time Warp" The Game Show is custom made for Sr. Citizens.  Classic Movies, Classic Televison Shows, Classic Gameshows, and Music. Contestants play at their tables as a team. Projected video cilps, Questions, Catagories, and Electronc Scoreboard. New LED Globe table centerpieces chase around the tables and end on the table to answer the question.  60-120 minutes in length. Prizes are available. Call or e-mail to answer any questions or set up a demonstration.   

  1. "Jeopardy" and "Family Feud" Style Games
  2. Giant Video Screens
  3. 1 - 5 Contestants or 2 Teams!
  4. Electronic Ring-In and Automatic Scoring
  5. Music videos available between rounds.
  6. Custom client-oriented game options.

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